Washer EUROPROLAV 18-280 Euromair

Model EUROPROLAV 18-280 TH.2
Variable pressure 0 до 280 bar
Flow-rate 18 l / min
Nozzle 15° – 40°
Motor power HONDA 13 HP
Fuel used unleaded 98
Tank capacity 7,9 l
Consumption 3,78 l / h
Lubrication splashing
Pump brass head, 3 ceramic pistons
Detergent suction system no
Pump rotation 1450 RPM
Max. water temperature accepted 70 ° C
Lance double with KW coupling
Hose 20 m – 315 bar
Dimensions (L x W x H) 66 x 62 x 91 cm
Weight 79 kg

EUROPROLAV 18-280 TH.2 is a powerful and robust washer.

It is suitable for intensive use on all types of jobs.

It is equipped with locations to reel water inlet and lance hoses, a thermostatic valve, a low-oil safety system, a spray-gun with rotating coupling, a double lance and a lance with rotating nozzle.

Equipped with large diameter wheels and a reinforced chassis, it is easy to handle.

Designed for easy maintenance.


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