Vacuum Cleaner GS-3078 Starmix

Model TE 800-AVR
Vacuum (max.) 205 mbar
Weight 26 kg
Volume flow (max.) 162 l/s
Power consumption (max.) 3600 Watt
Container volume (max.) Gross-Dust-Water/td>

78/57/50 (steel) l
Sound pressure level Schalldruckpegel 79 dB(A)
Power cable length 8.5 m
Reach 11,7 – 12,7 m
Dimensions L/W/H 61.5/ 63 / 97 cm

GS vacuum cleaners for cleaning large areas and machinery. The special vacuum cleaners (wet/dry) for large areas and machines is characterized by a large steel containe,3 strong motors for maximum power and by legendary robustness and longevity. Mission oriented chassis and accessory kits take it on with everything holds the workday challenges. Equipped with tilted running gear with push handle and application oriented accessories, the device offers a real support for demanding cleaning tasks.

Main filter: FP 3200 (cellulose) dust retention capacity 99,8%
Carry handle with cable hook: Yes
Tilting running gear: Yes
Water level detection: Yes
Antistatic prepared: Yes
Push handle: Yes

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