Breaker TE 800-AVR 230V Hilti

Model TE 800-AVR
Single impact energy 21 J
Weight 10.6 kg
Weight class 10 kg
Full hammering frequency 1890 impacts/minute
Working mode Chiselling
Chiselling performance base material C30/37
Chiselling performance test method RI 2006-022
Service indicator Yes
Earth rod rammer width min. 15 mm
Earth rod rammer length 430 mm
Control switch lock Yes
Radio and television interference suppression Yes
Variable speed switch No
Contact force 200 N
Tamping tool width max. 150 mm
Tamping tool width min. 150 mm
Uncertainty for the given sound level 3 dB (A) 1
Uncertainty (K) for triaxial vibration value for chiselling (ah,CHeq) 1.5 m/s² 2
Reduced impact energy Yes
Active Vibration Reduction Yes
Dust removal module TE DRS-B (optional)

Powerful breaking performance thanks to exceptional impact energy and innovative Hilti chisels
Efficient motor: Extremely powerful and robust 1850W high-performance HPD motor with lowest weight and highest power in its class, downtime for maintenance reduced by up to half thanks to longer-lasting low-wear carbon brushes
Hilti wall chisels developed exclusively for wall applications boost productivity and improve handling thanks to light weight, perfect length and air-hardened steel for outstanding tip sharpness
“D-handle” design for perfect balance in wall applications and good handling in universal use
Hi-Drive technology enabled.

  • Demolition work on walls
  • Corrective work on floor slabs
  • Breaking out openings for doors and windows
  • Making penetrations for ducts and pipes
  • Wall demolition, Penetrations/openings, Corrective chiselling, Bushing (roughening, smoothing surface), Versatile tool for use on walls and floors

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