Pumps Flygt 2630 Xylem

The hydraulic design on the Flygt 2630 pumps makes them several times more wear resistant in comparison with traditional dewatering pumps.

Model Flygt 2630
Power 400 V
Rated power 3.7 kW
Discharge connection 4“
Depth of immersion 20 m
Strainer hole dimension 10 mm
Liquid temperature 40 OC
pH of pumped liquid 5 – 8
Liquid density 1100 kg/m3
Size 725/286 mm
Weight 48 kg

  • Superior wear resistant hydraulics with the Dura-Spin™ system
  • Plug-in seal that is easy to fit and service
  • Water tight terminal board to reduce risk for consequential damage
  • Impeller sleeve with Smart System to adjust impeller quickly

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