Godwin Vac Prime Pumps

The Godwin Vac-Prime automatic vacuum assisted self-priming centrifugal pump is a powerful, fast priming pump with capabilities of 185 m³/hr and discharge heads of 25 m. The Godwin Vac-Prime features a high-pressure, oil-bath mechanical seal design that allows periods of dry running in the toughest conditions while minimizing fuel usage. The fast air evacuation makes this an extremely effective pump suitable for general site dewatering, wellpoint dewatering applications, bentonite slurry, mud drilling and many other applications.

Model Vac-Prime 100 Vac-Prime 150
Engine 2 Cylinder Air Cooled 3 Cylinder Air Cooled
Pumping capacity 185 м3/h 375 м3/h
Maximum pressure 25 m 25 m
Vacuum pump 50 m3/h 50 m3/h
Max. solids handling 45 mm 75 mm
Max operating temp 80 OC 80 OC
Connection: Discharge 100 mm 150 mm
Connection: Suction 100 mm 150 mm
Operating speed 1800 rpm 1600 rpm
Min. running time 23.15 h 23.15 h
Fuel capacity 75 l 75 l
Dry run capacity Yes Yes
Consumed power 12 kW 18 kW
Dimension L x W x H 1700×1250×1435 mm 1700×1250×1435 mm
Weight 800 kg 1000 kg

Godwin Vac Prime pumps are ideal for a range of applications including:

  • Pumps for drainage of excavations, foundations and tunnels
  • WellPoint dewatering systems for lowering the water level
  • Pumps for draining canals, ponds, open excavations and basements
  • Pumping water containing solids in suspension and cleaning manholes
  • Pumps for quarries, washing aggregate and concrete castings
  • Pumping Bentonite and Drilling Mud
  • Water supply from wells or canals
  • Barge Ballasting

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