Industrial Dehumidifiers DehuTech Triphasic



The dehumidifier is used to reduce and maintain the relative humidity of the ambient air in rooms by passing it through a silica gel drum that holds moisture.

The dried air returns to the room, and the moisture is separated from the silica gel rotor by heated reactive air and discharged in the form of steam. The dehumidifier is effective in a wide temperature range of from 0 to 50 degrees Celsius.

Dehumidification capacity 4.2 to 39 kg / h

The working air has passed through a slowly rotatable silica gel rotor that contains moisture from the air and reactivates air closed to 100-120 ° C absorbing moisture from the rotor. Reactivating air leaving the machine by filling in the humid air and take it out of the drying zone.

Model DehuTech 600 DehuTech 1000
Power supply (230 V, 50 Hz) 400 V / 7.5 kW 400 V / 12.5 kW
Dehumidification capacity (+20oC, 60%RH) 4.1 kg/h 7.4 kg/h
Dry air flow 650 m3/h 1000 m3/h
Wet air flow 280 m3/h 400 m3/h
Weight 60 kg 120 kg

      • Conservation of equipment during non-exploitation.
      • Manufacture of moisture sensitive products; Cheese; Chocolate; Pharmaceutical products.
      • Drying of paint when painting metal structures.
      • Ventilation of underground garages and premises during repairs.
      • Ice slides.
      • Cold dry warehouses.

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