Industrial Dehumidifiers DehuTech Monophasic



The dehumidifier is used to reduce and maintain the relative humidity of the ambient air in rooms by passing it through a silica gel drum that holds moisture.

The dried air returns to the room, and the moisture is separated from the silica gel rotor by heated reactive air and discharged in the form of steam. The dehumidifier is effective in a wide temperature range of from 0 to 50 degrees Celsius.

Drying capacity 1.1 to 2.2 kg / h

The working air passes through a slowly rotating silica gel rotor that absorbs moisture from the air while the reactive air, heated to 100-120 ° C, absorbs moisture from the rotor. Reactive air leaves the machine as warm, humid air and is removed out from the drying zone.

Model DehuTech 250 DehuTech 320 DehuTech 450
Power supply (230 V, 50 Hz) 230 V / 1.4 kW 230 V / 1.8 kW 230 V / 3.5 kW
Dehumidification capacity (+20oC, 60%RH) 1.1 kg/h 1.4 kg/h 2.2 kg/h
Dry air flow 250 m3/h 320 m3/h 450 m3/h
Wet air flow 80 m3/h 80 m3/h 120 m3/h
Weight 18 kg 19 kg 24 kg

Faster drying of plasters, putty, latex and paints;

  • Approximately 60-70% lower power consumption to maintain a “dry cold store” than to maintain a certain storage temperature;
  • low humidity in production processes;
  • prevents or eliminates the appearance of mold;
  • an effective flood-drying method for buildings,
  • shorter operating time and fewer refrigeration defrosting cycles when installed in transient refrigeration compartments to protect against condensation and icing.
  • To avoid damaging moisture-sensitive storage products;
  • To achieve the necessary humidity in each production process;
  • To protect your installation from corrosion;
  • To repair damage from floods.

In plumbing installations and pumping stations; dry warehouses; swimming pools; museums and archives; drying of temperature-sensitive products; public garages; ice rinks; food production; production of electronic components; sewer networks; laundry premises; seasonal needs.

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