Mobile Spray Pack for Interior Paints and Light Plaster MARK VII MAX PLATINUM GRACO

The MARK MAX PLATINUM is a real multiple purpose unit for large painting jobs for the inside as well as the outside. Your most reliable buddy sprays airless plasters and most common paints. The MARK MAX PLATINUM sprays latex, emusions, acrylics, epoxies, blockfillers, fire retardants, intumescents and most commun airless plasters. It even has enough performance to deliver the necessary flow for 2 people spraying simultaneously.

Max. Tip Size, with paint-with plaster: 0.041″ – 0.047″
Flow-l/min. (gpm): 6.0 (1.58)
Max. Pressure – bar (PSI): 230 (3300)
Hose: 30 m x 1/2″
Whip Hose: 3.5 m x 3/8″
Gun: HD Blue Plaster
Tip Standard: HDA531/545
Weight- kg (lbs): 73 (160)
Motor Type: DC Brushless
Motor Rating – kW (HP): 1.9 (2.5)

Spray pump for interior and exterior paints, anticorrosion primers and lacquers.

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