About us

Kammarton Rental is a company that for over 10 years on the Bulgarian market offers for renting a wide range of machines and instruments for professional use.

Kammarton Rental provides modern, cost-effective products for rent, both for the industry and for individuals. Combining a wide range of machines with increasingly extensive services, we reduce the capital costs to our customers by offering total solutions for rent, both for short and long rental period.

The emphasis in our business is the sale of recycled equipment supplied by Western Europe as compressors and generators.

To be able to do safe and quality the work, we offer highly effective supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Main directions of our activity:
“Energy” – diesel and petrol generators.
“Air” – screw compressors, dryers and filters for the manufacture and the supply of a compressed air.
“Welding” – machines for welding and plasma cutting.
“Pumps” – submersible pumps for a clean water and a drainage.
“Concrete” – machines for concrete laying and processing. Demolition, milling, cutting and polishing.
“Coatings” – systems sandblasting; blasting and cleaning with high pressure water, paint applying and removing .
“Lifting and moving” – hydraulic systems for lifting and moving.
“Specialized machines” – cutting and mechanical preparation of pipes, mini dumpers, snow throwers.